What’s the story...

Mom and Grandma made pizza at house in Brooklyn, New York. The Italian bakeries had Sicilian pizza in large, flat trays in the coal ovens. There were pizzerias too and each a little different and all very good. Back in the day, 10 cents a slice at the bakery and 26 cents a slice at the pizzerias.

Now grown up, it’s my turn to make the pizza. My kids - popular at school - all of their friends asked if we ate pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Just so you know, we are a family business and have been in Connecticut for 32 years... Luna Pizza in Hartford, Avon, Simsbury and Glastonbury. And now Ignazio’s - Westport and under the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO.

We live in Mystic now and saved the best for last.

Yours- Louie T.